ENSID Technologies is the pioneer of polymer RFID transponder tags manufactured using patented plastic infusion technology.



ENSID Technologies is a design and innovation led firm based in New Zealand, which is focused on bespoke RFID solutions.

ENSID grew out of a 2002 joint venture with the New Zealand Government owned crown research institute - NIWA to develop RFID tags for wild fish assessment.


Any tagged fish that entered the human food chain had to be safe to eat. Glass tags were too risky, so we developed a polymeric food-safe alternative.RFIDTag

Our now patented food-safe tags are made with FDA-approved surgical plastics so they can withstand extreme temperature, pressure and shock, and they are compatible with most RFID scanners.


In 2006 NIWA having achieved their objective, sold their shareholding to the current shareholders and from this base ENSID Technologies Limited has branched out to innovate and design bespoke solutions for an ever growing array of industries requesting our expertise.


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These industries now include:



Animal Welfare






Oil Industry


RFID for Science


Each industry environment brings with it a unique set of challenges that require a specialised solution to deliver a reliable RFID system with a high return on investment – when it comes to innovative solutions ENSID Technologies leads the market.


If you have a unique challenge that requires a customised solution then get in contact with the ENSID team - enquiries@ensid.com

Telephone: +64 9 445 1111

RFID Manufacturing


ENSID Technologies has established a robust, global manufacturing network.

Our network combines the highest quality in components sourced from Europe, with key manufacturing and quality controlled plants based across the world from Switzerland to New Zealand. Through this approach we are able to deliver high quality, customised solutions at market leading price points.

With our flexible polymeric RFID platform, ENSID is able to tailor the perfect solution to each project, instead of force-fitting an off-the-shelf manufactured solution for your unique application.


Our key manufacturing & research partners include; 

            Electronics                                           Science provider                                         Manufacturer    



If you have a unique challenge that requires a customised solution then get in contact with our team - enquiries@ensid.com

Telephone: +64 9 445 1111

RFID Solutions


ENSID Technologies is a world leader when it comes to designing, manufacturing and delivering totally unique RFID solutions.

Our goal is to take what appears to be complex and make it appear incredibly simple - delivering solutions that meet your goals with a high return on investment.

With our total solution approach our team are able to provide the following professional services:


Business Process Review

RFID System and component design

RFID Pilots

Full System Implementation

Ongoing Support and Training


If you're considering RFID for your business then get in touch with one of our team, we look forward to helping out enquiries@ensid.com

Telephone: +64 9 445 1111